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Source: The Lip Bar / The Lip Bar

Calling all Black beauty lovers! Black Women’s History Month is upon us, and now is the perfect time to show Black female bosses some extra love. Over the last five years, the beauty industry has seen an influx of Black woman-owned brands shaking things up. The beauty industry that was once mainly white-dominated has now become a space where Black beauty entrepreneurs thrive and make history — think The Lip Bar, Ami Colé, BlackGirlSunscreen, and more.

With that in mind, these Black woman-owned beauty brands can flourish with our support. And, of course, our support comes down to the power of the wallet and the good ole word of mouth. These businesses serve our wants and needs and pour back into the community with our dollars and influence future generations of beauty bosses. Essentially, this will create a never-ending cycle of Black excellence.

Folks that fancy everything from makeup to skincare, you’re in luck. We’re coming in clutch to put 10 Black women-owned beauty brands on your radar so you can shop all month and beyond.

Let’s show up and show out for the Black beauty queens making waves in the industry! 

Happy Black Women’s History Month!

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1. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar Source:Courtesy of The Lip Bar

First up, we have The Lip Bar. Known as the brainchild of Melissa Butler, the brand does a fantastic job of offering an inclusive lineup of brown-girl-friendly products. The Lip Bar is a one-stop shop for makeup and skincare essentials to help you keep your beauty game on lock.

2. Ami Colé

Ami Colé Source:Ami Colé

Next up, we have to highlight Ami Cole. The brand was founded by Diarrha Ndiaye, a Syracuse University graduate passionate about the beauty industry. Most beauty mavens first got acquainted with the brand via the beloved Lip Treatment Oil, but that product only scratches the surface of Diarrha’s genius. The brand has an extensive range of eye, lip, and complexion products, making it easy for our melanin to shine through with every look. Tap in!

3. KNC Beauty


Shout out to KNC Beauty! Founded by entrepreneur Kristen Noel Crawley, the brand is home to various lip and eye masks, scrubs, and balms, that help to keep your skin moisturized around the clock. Consider it an affordable luxury.

4. Briogeo Hair Care

Briogeo Hair Care Source:Briogeo

CEO and founder Nancy Twine is the youngest Black woman to launch a beauty brand at Sephora. The brand offers a mix of nourishing shampoo, conditioners, masks, and more that give strands proper TLC and promote hair growth. You’re missing out if you haven’t included Brigeo Hair Care in your collection yet.

5. Black Girl Sunscreen Broad Spectrum

Black Girl Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Source:Target

Contrary to popular belief, having melanin-rich skin doesn’t absolve the use of sunscreen. And this is where Shontay Lunder, the founder of Black Girl Sunscreen Broad Spectrum, comes into play. The brand lives up to its name by providing a line of sunscreen products that nourishes and protects the skin from the sun without the dreaded white cast. 

6. Undefined Beauty


Hello Undefined Beauty! Dorian Morris founds the brand and is determined to “undefine and democratize beauty and destigmatize plant-based solutions through an unapologetic, uncompromising, unfiltered approach,” per its website. Consumers can shop several skincare must-haves formulated with plant-derived ingredients, including CBD.

7. Ourside


Next up, we have the luxury fragrance brand, Ourside, founded by Keta Burke-Williams. The brand offers three unisex fragrances —Nostalgia Eau De Parfum, Dusk Eau De Parfum, and Moon Dust Eau De Parfum — built on the idea of a scent triggering nostalgia from the past to the present. Plus, the scents smell divine.


8. TPH by Tarji P. Henson


In the age of celebrity-owned beauty brands, TPH by Taraji P. Henson, created by Taraji P. Henson, is one of our favorites. You can always count on the brand to serve the wants and needs of textured tresses via its lineup of nourishing hair products made with hair and scalp-loving ingredients — from scalp scrubs to overnight masks. As TPH by Taraji P. Henson continues to grow as a fan-favorite, the beloved actress is setting her sights on expansion with Body by TPH and hopefully more lines in the near future.

9. Rucker Roots


Next up, it’s time to highlight Rucker Roots. Sisters Ellen and Ione Rucker founded the hair brand. Per the brand’s website, they are “committed to making healthy, natural products to stimulate growth and cleanse your hair without stripping your hair shaft and scalp of its natural oils.” That said, Rucker Roots offers a wide range of products designed to create and maintain healthy manes.

10. Glow by Daye


Last but not least, we have Glow by Daye. Founded by Ranay Orten, Glow by Daye offers various hair accessories that help textured mavens achieve their goals by prolonging hairstyles, length, and moisture retention and maintaining overall hair health — from deep conditioning caps to silk pillowcases. Everyone deserves to have a healthy mane, and Glow by Daye helps make the process easy.