Everyone knows that Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta has no problem speaking her mind. Watch what happens when she goes up up against Lindsey Lohan's dad, Michael.

This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAND NEW<strong> 50 CENT-"CRIME WAVE"</strong> Can 50 recapture the fire from<strong>"Get Rich or Die Try'in"!</strong><!--more-->

Please tell me this is a joke!<!---more-->

It's hard out here for a pimp. Especially if you're 66 years old! Check out this story about a dude in New Orleans who puts all of these young, wanna be pimps to shame!

This girl's life was tragically changed from a simple flu shot. <!--more-->

YES, <strong>Lil Wayne</strong> is going to spend time with Mrs. Officer. Watch the video!<!--more-->


Sonja better known as Kima from HBO's 'The Wire' may have played a cop taking down the youth and criminals of Baltimore. Well now, she is doing everything she got to lift them up, and get the 'ReWired' <!--more-->

What an embarrassing moment for MSNBC's <strong>Contessa Brewer</strong>. Watch the video. <!--more-->

Instead of focusing on the bad decision of a man to place his family in harm's way through an affair or a young girl left broken enough after a relationship ends to stalk her lover's family, the press wants to know how ESPN commentator Steve Phillips could have hooked up with such an unattractive woman? Is this fair?

Club banger!<!--more-->

Bossip has a story of how R&B singer Monifah is headlining a NYC club night that is all the rage in the city. Instead of just celebrating that an artist gets to still share her gift many years after her fame, they choose to focus the piece more on who her very special guest is every night. When are we going to get get past this whole "is she or isn't she" thing?