Club banger!<!--more-->

Bossip has a story of how R&B singer Monifah is headlining a NYC club night that is all the rage in the city. Instead of just celebrating that an artist gets to still share her gift many years after her fame, they choose to focus the piece more on who her very special guest is every night. When are we going to get get past this whole "is she or isn't she" thing?

What happens when Hurricane Chris, Mario, and Plies team up for a song? You get a HOT collabo! Now check out the video for "Headboard"! <!--more-->

Chris Brown is keeping his word! Breezy announces dates of his upcoming 'Fan Appreciation Tour'! <!--more-->

If picking up Sasha were an Olympic sport, then President Obama would be a gold medalist.<!--more-->

<strong>Jay-Z</strong> Blue Print Tour Sneek Peek! <!--more-->

Former Bad Boy artist, <strong>Shyne</strong>, prepares to be Deported! Where is Diddy? <!--more-->

<strong>Chris Rock</strong>'s documentary "Good Hair" has been given the all clear.<!--more-->

Did <strong>Kanye West</strong> die in an automobile last nite or was this another internet hoax? <!--more-->

<strong>Dave Chappelle</strong> could be holding Hollywood’s comedy endurance record if he’d only been able to hold something else.<!--more-->

TMZ obtained the first 911 call made by Richard and Mayumi Heene to Fort Collins PD during the original incident/hoax last week. Check it out!<!--more-->