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So it seems that Mayweather and MMA fighter Connor Mcgregor may be set to fight for almost a billion dollar pay off. Do you think Mayweather can when and is it worth a Billion dollars. Stay tuned you know I will keep you updated as details unfold.             Catch me […]

So as a parent, do you agree with your child having an opinion on politics publicly or no?       Catch me on your radio live on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo

Seems another Philly rapper is calling Meek Mill out for being extra and arrogant. Fellow Philly native Oschino explains his feelings and them of the streets towards Meek Milly. What you think, true or false?     Catch me on your radio live weekends on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo   Well its not offical but Florida rapper Kodak Black says he wants to fight Lil Wayne and the winner gets the title Best Rapper Alive. Who do you think will win. Catch me on your radio weekends live on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo

  Man when I say there is nothing more powerful then a woman’s essence omg. So rumor is that Young MA is on the trail of another person wifey. That other person has been named as Snoop from the wire. Who you think gonna win??????                 Catch me […]

So it seems after getting sentenced to six months in jail for allegedly kicking a fan in the chest, new footage of a different story surfaces showing the kick never actually connected with the young lady…..can you say SHADY!? ALSO TRENDING: Solange, Jay Z Reunite In An Elevator & It Was Captured On Camera The Election […]

So goons again try and pull a snatch and grab on rapper YFN Lucci. Seems He was performing in Chiraq when someone attempted to snatch is chain before he let off. As details come out you know I got you. ALSO TRENDING: Neiman Marcus Selling Collard Greens For $66 In Their Holiday Catalog Here’s Who […]

You never want to celebrate someone going to jail but dangggg Gates…. Was Kevin Gates wrong for feeling threatened or violated because a young lady pulled on his pants? Is it fair for artists to be violated in there personal space? Where is the limit? Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 to join […]

Damn homie, Future bang Scottie Pippen‘s wife in some Gucci flip-flops? Rumor is that rapper Future allegedly smashed the Hall of Fame and Chicago Bulls NBA star’s wife because Pippen didn’t give him an autograph as a kid. #Wow #UGottaBeKiddingMe Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 to join our text club! ALSO TRENDING: Snippet […]

So the war of the words or should I say tweets is on as Meek Mill and girlfriend Nicki Minaj are now going at it. Allegedly. Is the rap game WWE now or what? As more details come down, you know I got you but the questionable MTO has a little proof here. Want news at your fingertips? […]

So it went down in Baltimore over the weekend as L.A. rap star The Game was in town shooting clips for his new Meek Mill diss song. Word is he was riding dirty with his B-More connect in a whip he may or may not have known was stolen, according to Media Takeout. #WhenFlexingGoesWrong. Want […]

  All imma say is WOWWWWWWWWWW listen to the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Catch me on the radio live weekends on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo