This midterm election cycle has revealed the potency of conspiracy theories that prop up narratives of victimhood and messages of hate across the complex American landscape of white nationalism. The post Op-Ed: White Nationalism Is Moving Conspiracy Theories Into The Mainstream appeared first on NewsOne.

The Black maternal health crisis continues to proliferate across the nation. Black women experience more pregnancy complications and higher maternal mortality rates than white women. The post Op-Ed: Extending Postpartum Medicaid Coverage Is Important To Addressing The Black Maternal Health Crisis appeared first on NewsOne.

Right-wing conservatives like Jenna Ellis called Lizzo "morbidly obese" after she was seen playing a flute owned by James Madison. The post White Conservatives Are Big Mad At Lizzo For Playing James Madison’s Flute appeared first on NewsOne.

The states with the highest increases in purges were states with a history of voting discrim­in­a­tion.  The post Op-Ed: Voter Suppression Looks Like Voter Purges and Felony Disenfranchisement appeared first on NewsOne.

The overall pattern is clear: A strong social safety net and other anti-poverty programs are more likely to be available in states that also support abortion access, while actual measures of child and family well-being are often worse in states that restrict abortions. The post Op-Ed: States With Abortion Bans Less Likely To Support Families And Children appeared first on NewsOne.

House Of The Dragon is in full swing and seeing a Black family with power and prestige in a popular show makes my heart sing.  The post You Still Mad ‘House Of The Dragon’ Added Black People? Get Over It. appeared first on NewsOne.

"After studying the issue of climate change impacts on infrastructure for two decades, with climate projections getting worse, not better, I believe addressing the multiple challenges to the nation’s infrastructure requires systemic change," writes civil engineer Paul Chinowsky. The post Addressing The Country’s Infrastructure Woes Means Tackling Climate Change appeared first on NewsOne.

Black Twitter is tossing weeds on Queen Elizabeth II's grave instead of flowers. Here's why. The post Black Twitter’s Remorseless Response To Queen Elizabeth’s Death, Explained appeared first on NewsOne.

Legendary tennis player Margaret Court criticized Serena Williams for not voicing her admiration for her and her tennis record. The post Tennis ‘Karen’ Margaret Court Is Big Mad Serena Williams Won’t Call Her The GOAT appeared first on NewsOne.

"The fear may be heightened for educators who teach AP courses, which – by their very design – require teachers to deal with sensitive and controversial subjects that deal with matters of race," writes Kolluri. The post Op-Ed: Anti-Critical Race Theory Policies Could Impact AP Classes appeared first on NewsOne.

After talking about mamas as they would livestock, they reallocate public safety dollars to oil companies and 2nd amendment protections. The post Formula Shortage Highlights Blackness As The Casualty Of Capitalism appeared first on NewsOne.

It is not a new Black Lives Matter movement separate from the 1960s. We are fighting in the Black freedom movement that our ancestors started fighting when the first colonizers attempted to capture them.  The post OP-ED: Reflections Of A Grassroots Organizer 8 Years After The Ferguson Uprising Began appeared first on NewsOne.