The Washington Times must really be in need of advertising dollars if they were willing to run this piece of work.

Check out the MSNBC exclusive interview.<!--more-->

Is <strong>Allen Iverson</strong> the new <strong>Michael Jordan</strong> of Basketball when it comes to retiring? After 15 years, it was announced that he would retire. This morning, it's reports that <strong>A.I.</strong> is already set to return. <!--more-->

Watch <strong>Oprah</strong> at age 17 singing in a music video; as a news anchor in 84' and guest appearing on The Dolly Pardon Show.<!--more-->

They thought they could fool us. How dare they/<!--more-->

Should the The <strong>Oprah Winfrey</strong> Show stay or go? Take the poll and read the story.<!--more-->

Conyers says Obama "only won by five votes in the House, and this bill wasn't anything to write home about."<!--more-->

The shooting happened Monday night in a vacant lot in Highland Park, Detroit.<!--more-->

Do you think FOX can still complain that the Obama administration is treating them unfairly?<!--more-->

Now why on earth would he think that?<!--more-->

How far do you let your emotions go when dealing with a child?<!--more-->

The brother recently published a semi-autobiographical novel about the abusive Kenyan father they share.<!--more-->