Love Zone-After the Show

Xmas is coming and people are going to be giving gifts that may not bring joy to their lovers. These are some BAD gifts that you don’t want to get your lover this holiday season… An STD Divorce Papers Clothes/ Shoes that are the Wrong Size Threesome with Your Ugly Friend Small Jewelry Box with […]

Last night was open question night on the show. Check out a few of the many love dramas solved last night ….   I have been married for one year and we decided six months ago to separate.  I moved back in and my wife has been difficult. I moved out again and I don’t […]

It seems when it comes to love, sex and relationships there is one segment that is usually left out of the dialog … lesbians. We can be even more specific and say that conversation is even more limited when it comes to lesbians of color. Is this an oversight or do we not want to […]

I love Big Sean’s “IDFWU” because it really talks about that ex that is still holding on when you have clearly moved on. Tonight you guys were telling me about that time your ex was trying to get your attention: Because I gave my condolences to his family he felt as though I still wanted […]

Check out my latest article for Digital Romance. Being a parent reveals great clues on how successful you will be in a relationship. Click here for my article — 7 Things Having Kids Can Teach You About Your Spouse.

Turned the show over to you tonight to call in and to post your response to the no indictment decision by the grand jury in Ferguson…. Come on now racism will never disappear & we might think it will 1 day, but we all know it won’t! This police officer that shot “Michael Brown” 10 […]

It was age old question night! Is it true? Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater That’s not necessarily true?! All situations and relationships are different; and people have the innate ability to change, if they so choose?! I think it depends on the maturity of the person mind. Personally I will not accept it. Once […]

Bill Cosby is in the spotlight this week in a way he really doesn’t want. A fellow comedian joked about nearly forty year old accusations that Bill sexually assaulted women and social media and the press are once again looking at the cases.  Bill Cosby has refused to talk about the incidents some of which […]

Looking to “Cuff?” Here are some tips to do it successfully:   Full segment here — CLICK

It was the Sex Session with Kenny K. Last night your penises and vaginas were talking and this is what they had to say: If you thought these lips was something wait until you meet the other ones I need to explode Feed me now! I like it when it’s real wet Cum and talk […]

I had so much fun earlier today as a guest relationship contributor to News One Now with Roland Martin. We were talking about “Cuffing Season” with fill-in host Jeff Johnson, sex educator Michelle Hope and Dr. Jeff Gardere. Plus, comedian @aruba900 and MINT CONDITION were there too!!! So much fun! For the segment — Click […]

Lots of discussion on social media the last few days about whether or not dating/ courting is dead. In a time where we have immediate access to people it seems that very few people are still interested in the slow dance of getting to know someone. Is dating dead? They are to busy texting even […]