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Although it was revealed last month that CiCi was expecting her second child, a real-life image is worth a thousand more words.

I could only imagine how ashamed this man girl felt during this whole moment. In the footage you will see why you don’t need to cheat and don’t need side chicks. ALSO TRENDING: Is Brandy Pregnant? Watch Snoop Dogg’s Reaction To Kanye’s Concert Rant [VIDEO] Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Unreal Post-Baby Body Want news […]

  Call it a marketing scheme or a call for help once again all eyes are on Kanye West and his latest rant in Sacramento. Adding more fuel to the fire the Dogg Father aka Snoop Dogg has weighed in on the latest Kanye fiasco hit the video below to see what he has to […]

Kanye West is up to his old tricks again this time at his tour stop in Sacramento. After only performing 3 songs Kanye went on 15 minute rant talking about Beyonce, Jay-Z, President Obama and Donald Trump. Take the poll and let the Rap Attack squad know if Kanye was right or out of his […]

The year's almost up and it feels like we've kicked out tons of people from the black club.

It looks like Gordon not showing up to court and being generally lackadaisical about the whole thing is for good reason.

Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman has once again gotten himself in trouble.

Sophie Theallet also urged her colleagues to follow her lead, citing that "integrity is our only true currency."

Joe Thomas Sr. says that playing in Saturday's South Carolina State game was "one of the happiest days" of his life.

Kanye West might have lost quite a few fans when he insulted Hillary Clinton (he donated to her campaign), and made the announcement that he is pro-Trump even though he didn’t vote. Kanye may have officially crossed the line last night when he blasted Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z in another bizarre 17-minute-long rant […]