Congratulations are in order for Bowie State University’s Athletic department. Kevin Durant and The Kevin Durant foundation announced yesterday that he is donating $500,000. The money donated will go towards fixing the gym and updating the program. Dr. Aminta Breaux, Bowie State Presidents shared, “We’re grateful for the resources that Kevin Durant and his foundation […]

According to Light On Sports, “Mississippi Valley State Head Coach Vincent Dancy is leaving his position to join Deion Sanders at the University of Colorado Buffalo.” Coach Prime has caught a lot of flack for leaving “unfinished business” on the table at HBCUs. Other opinions seems to believe that Prime has done more than enough […]

Recently, Pastor Jamal Bryant the Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.) sat down on the Cool Soror Podcast with host Rashan Ali (member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) and had a conversation that has struck the entire social media. Bryant said he’s looking for “weed […]

Scrolling on the ghetto streets of Instagram we saw a post that struck a cord. The post read, “Don’t replace him! Teach him how to be that man you want. You can never find a perfect Man you can build your perfect Man.” While #TheAMClique seemed to have been on the same page #TheClique seem […]

You hear it and say it all the time and now the proof is in the Innanet. According to Spiritual Word, “The average date night in the US is now $98,” this includes drinks, dinner and maybe a shared desert.  According to our financial expert on the show(#TheAMClique) Anthony O’Neal, today’s average man makes around […]

Now listen we’re all about people living out their truth, but Montell Jordan may be taking his truth a little too far. In a recent interview featured on the ‘This Is How We Do It’ singer said, “I was like Drake before Drake was Drake.”  Jordan turned his life over to more of the spiritual side […]

God be knowing not to put certain people like #TheAMClique in these situations. A Mississippi man is currently looking at facing 10 years behind bars after admitting to burins a cross in his back yard to intimidate all of his black neighbors.  According to the Justice Department, 24 year old Axel Cox, admitted to Mississippi […]

If you’re looking to book a last minute flight and JetBlue is the only option, you might want to read this story first. A Utah man was arrested after he allegedly held a razor blade to the throat of another female passenger that was sitting next to him.  Apparently 41 year old Merrill Fackrell had […]

See this is why you need a lock box on not just guns but now weed too. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, officials received a call for possible overdoses at the school around 10:30 a.m., and six of the students were transported to the hospital. Ten middle schoolers between ages 12 and 14 […]

California Governor Gavin Newsom is known for being a progressive Governor. In 2021 he announced the installation of a California task force studying slavery and systemic racism in order to develop reparations which is owed for all black residents. Recently the task force discovered, the amount owed overall totals to $569 Billion. According to the […]

WE’RE OUTSIDE AND WE’RE BRINGING PEOPLE WITH US! This morning, JayCee from The AM Clique dropped by Dundalk Elementary and bought some special guests with her! Young Dylan from the Nickelodeon Show, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, dropped by and hyped the crowd along with WanMor. 92Q’s own DJ QuickSilva was also in the building! Check […]

Hands down, Summer Walker is very important to the R&B culture. She seems to have the females in a chokehold with her songs and how relatable they are to them. So when she was snubbed by The Grammy’s with not receiving any nominations and even not winning any awards at the Soul Train Awards, it […]