Boy I can’t wait! Hurry up the 19th! Now if you following the MCU you know this Spiderman is gonna be a doozie! We might have 3 Spidermen! We might see the beginning of the “Sinister 6“, and we might see Ironman (we not) but I’m saying…. “No Way Home” is gonna be exciting none […]

NOOOOOO NOT AGAIN! The good folk of Baltimore City will be hurt for the second year in a row. The city delegates have decided not to put on the the fireworks due to Covid. Click HERE for the full story

Now we all know that the boy actually birthday is December 4th, but hey let’s give him his flowers early. the question is what do you give the guy that can get everything hisself? Beyonce already got him a jet and his own island, like WTF? Flowers it is then. Here’s a great moment in […]

What better way to start “Friday Jr.” and his birthday by celebrating Jay-Z! Too many accolades to name just Google him yourself. Rock and Roll inductee and building water companies in Africa…listen, the boy special. Happy birthday Hov! ITS THE ROC YOU BASTARDS! Let’s take it back to his first joint…what up Jaz-O Click HERE for […]

It seems that Covid-19 is not going anywhere no time soon. A new variant has touchdown in California. The “Omicron” variant is the new virus in the line of this diesease. Please continue to wear your mask and keep your distance. Be safe out here ya’ll. Here’s all the info you need… Click HERE to […]

One thing that is certain about Mayor Brandon Scott is that he definitely puts in time for the youth. Since being sworn into office, we have seen Mayor Scott being apart of or hosting many events that is focused on helping the youth. Earlier this week, we learned that he launched a Program to help […]

We’re going to keep our girl, Ari Lennox, on top of the prayer list. Moments before she was arrested, the ‘Pressure’ singer tweeted that she was being “arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a women racially profiling me.” In a report that was recently released, it seems that Dutch military police had a different account […]

The holidays are here, but there are some that won’t be around their families. Big shout out to those that are on lock down during this time. But have you ever wondered what they’re eating on Thanksgiving? Is it turkey or chitterling loaf? Will there be stuffing of just some old nasty concoction? There’s only […]

Now I  smoke… not cigarettes, but the other stuff. I mean at this point I think that everybody should. Crime would be down cause everybody would be high LOL. But would you looka here, which one of you pot dealers done lost your stash? 500 pounds bruh! I don’t ever know what to do with […]

To some of us, the holidays are a special time to be around family and friends. But to some it’s a time of sadness. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so to me I think about my mom and dad not being around anymore. Thank God for my loving wife to help me through these […]

Listen, before you even read this…just know “I CAN’T DO IT“. There’s no why I’m letting my wife; or me for that matter, go outside my marriage to have a baby. Even if I can’t or she can’t produce a baby. That’s what a surrogate is for. But Tami Roman sees things a little different. […]

I’m not sure about you but when we hear about murders in our city, it’s concerning. When you hear about children being killed, that is just heart-breaking. I can remember at one time when it came to street business, women and children were off the table. It seems the last couple of years, no one […]