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Finally, the Health Care Bill was passed! After President Obama signs it, additional changes will occur if the Senate passes the reconciliation-bill part of the package. This means, a change in how you live, spend your money, how you run your household. I’m sure you have alot of questions so read this article posted on http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org.

Here’s what you had to say about the new bill process:

D. Antoinette: wow i neva really understood how a bill becomes a law. Wow…so there are alot that ppl have to do just to past a bill…im glad that everybody voted for that bill to past,  b/c for the  longest I thought everybdy was insured.  I quess not. So for tha less fortunate, they can now be seen by a doctor. this chngD alot..i APPROVE..

Mark G.: More than you’d think. This is a good start to overall reform, but WE have to do our part by taking PREVENTATIVE steps so that we won’t have to avail ourselves to the system. We also have to INSIST that our representatives include the PUBLIC OPTION !!

Small business will get tax breaks to cover employees in addition to the immediate benefits of See Morethe bill…no more pre-existing condition denials, etc.

It’s not to enough to say “hurray ! It passed !” WE have to make sure that the law TRULY works in our best interest and that means keeping pressure on your elected officials.

Susan P: It’s about time!!! It does take time at least it was approved and not overlooked

J. Neusom: They say that the process of making law…is like making sausage. I love sausage…but don’t want to watch them make it LOL