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What did you do to send a message, a picture, listen to a song, and get informed before there was the internet? You mean, you actually went to the library, read the newspaper, mailed a letter, and brought a CD? Whoa! Today, our internet went down and the day’s services were haulted. Now, we’re back up but thinking, what the heck did I do before the internet? Lemme Google that…(wait! That’s crazy too)

Here’s what you had to say:

M. Gunn: I actually DO remember the time before the ‘net. We used courier services and fax machines. We also actually TALKED to people and receptionists had to hand write messages. There was no voicemail hell back then.We got our news from the Associated Press or United Press International from a teletype machine. Back then, music radio stations had actual News Departments. Ahh the good old days !!

Lincoln: Ahhhh…There used to be this thing we called the U.S. Postal Service! Lol!

Cappachino: People actually wrote letters! we actually looked in dictionaries and those poor encyclopedias…the net just put them out of business! lol

Kyle N: lol well before the internet there were encylopedias, before cell phones, beepers and messaging there were ink pens and notebook paper, the internet is something that in this day and age some of us cannot do without, youtube, music websites, the news, even the radio shows can be tracked through the internet. Its crazy because if you actually think about it, it seems like soooo long ago, i honestly don’t know what we would do without the internet and cell phone usage, me personally i believe 90 percent of my daily life consists of internet and cell phone usage, so yeah this was a great topic kiki:) And the biggest question of all, “what would some people do without facebook” ? lol now thats something to ponder.

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