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Would you switch phones with your lover right now? What would your lover learn? Check out some comments from listeners and feel free to post your own. Make sure you listen to the Love Zone at 10pm Sun- Thurs.


Daryl – Done it already. We have the exact same phones so we’ve picked up the wrong ones before… No harm, no foul.


Toni – Yup, with no problem. I don’t have a thing to hide. I would even switch phones for a day and let him answer it when it rings. That’s how thorough I am. If you have nothing to hide. Then it shouldn’t be a problem. Your relationship should be a direct reflection of each other. We should represent each other with respect whether we’re together or not.


Denise – I wouldn’t…. You don’t need 2 know everything. Besides, if ur mate is up 2 no good, things have a way of revealing themselves…


Tonya – I wud’nt cuz he wud c some photos that I have for my personal use to look at when I need a quick fix,lol!


Sharde – they’d learn they’re annoying the hell outta me right now, and No I wouldn’t do it, not that I have anything to hide but he has no business in my phone


Boris – That I still talk to my ex even tho I be like I really hate her lol




Diamond – Dat im bored n he aint doin nuffn 2 help da cause…but I wuld not trade phones with my lover…


Danyel – wifey done been all though my phone and the only thing she found is FB and who the h*ll is Ladawn Black!


Arnetta – that my ex husband still calls my phone!!!


TaShawn – Dag reading all these makes me think…but I believe relationship is about trust and also testing that trust. So if u wouldn’t do this than u more than likely have something to hide. If u want to have people on the side of ur relationship just have an open one and allow ur partner to do the same…

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