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Thursday in the Love Zone is Open Question Night.  Here are a few of the questions from last night. Feel free to leave your questions on this page or email them to me at . Make sure you catch the Love Zone Sun – Thurs at 10pm.


Why does good sex make breaking up so hard to do?

We r always fearful that we will never get the great sex again. Although a relationship is bad, we think passion will turn it around and it simple doesn’t.


What happens when u love someone and they not luving u sexually but u cant leave bcuz of a bond but then u don’t want to make luv cause u know its gonna wack?

It depends on how crucial sex is to u. if sex is not a priority then stay in your emotionally satisfying relationship. However, if sex is major for you u have to try bringing him up to your level or b out because this is a deal breaker for u.


Why do women in a relationship have a problem accepting the truth? But will believe a lie?

Women want to hear the lies so that they can run with the illusion that the relationship is working. It is hard to face the truth that someone u want so bad is not the one. It allows us to hold onto a bit of something instead of going home to nothing.


Why is it so hard finding a healthy man cuz all the men I talk to have heart trouble?

Go where healthy guys are — gym, the track and great stores. U have to place yourself in the places where what u want is available.


In a relationship, can u be loyal yet unfaithful and the same time?

Oh yes! For so many cheaters — the cheat has nothing to do with the core relationship.


Y do men try 2 turn things around n make it ur fault when u had nothin 2 do wit da situation @ hand?

That is a maturity issue. Adults know that the state of their reality is directly tied to their actions and they are willing to work to remedy the situation and move on. If ur man is stuck in the past then he needs to mature a bit in order to make things better. That is soooo out of your hands.


I have a boyfriend who I love dearly but I been having a problem lately he has been putting on myspace that he is single but tells me he loves me. Should ignore it or ask him why does it?

I get this question all the time and what I hear from people who do it is that they do not want people all up in their business. I would simply let him know that I am changing my status too and see how he feels that now u r single.

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