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Incarcerated rapper Prodigy recently spoke on his past affiliation with Nas and how he noticed early signs of a rising rap beef between the Queens, New York rapper and Roc-A-Fella.

According to Capital P, he heard verbal shots being fired on tracks as early as Jay’s 1997 album.

“So now I ain’t peep it back then when [‘Where I’m From’] came out, but down the line when I’m in the studio talking to Nas around that time I peeped it,” Prodigy said in an interview. “I’m like aww he talking about me in that song yo and he bit our sh*t with the little plastic cups in the hood and if you do the research and history of it, Jay-Z was on some speed boat in the Bahamas Versace type of sh*t. Then ‘Shook Ones’ came out, then Jay came with the plastic cups, football jerseys in the projects, taking jabs at us and I was like ‘Nas, what we need to do is go at these n***as because number one, his lil’ man is trying to s**t on you; talking about your life is written and all this s**t. That’s when Memphis Bleek was trying to take lil jabs at Nas. I was like these n***as is going at us subliminally and I was like f**k that, we need to go at those n***a. Let’s make a song about them, son. And he was like nah nah that n***a ain’t nobody to be doing that son. I’m like son I’m telling you its gonna be a problem and he like nah. I’m like aight cool. ‘Cause in my mind, I’mma address it on my own anyway. I don’t give a f**k what this n***a do. I love you Nas but I’mma handle this ’cause you buggin.” (Planet Ill)

During their 2001 rap beef, Jay sparked tensions when he dropped “The Takeover” from Blueprint.

“Use your – BRAAAAAAAIN! You said you been in this ten I’ve been in it five – smarten up Nas /Four albums in ten years n*gga? I can divide /That’s one every let’s say two, two of them sh*ts was doo One was – Ehh, the other was Illmatic/That’s a one hot album every ten year averageAnd that’s so – LAAAAAAAME! N*gga switch up your flow/Your sh*t is garbage- what, you tryna kick knowledge? (f*ck outa here)” (“The Takeover”)

Nas later fired back with “Ether” from his 2001 album, Stillmatic.

“When these streets keep calling, heard it when I was sleep/ That this Gay-Z and C*ck-A-Fella Records wanted beef…KRS already made an album called Blueprint / First Biggie’s your man, then you got the nerve to say that you’re better than Big/ D*ck-suckin’ lips, why don’t you let the late great veteran live…Queens n*ggas run you n*ggas, ask Russell Simmons” (“Ether”)

Despite the feud, both emcees later reconciled their differences.

The feud was formally ended in October 2005 at Jay-Z’s I Declare War concert, where Nas made a special guest appearance and performed the hook to “Dead Presidents” and a few of his own tracks such as “NY State of Mind” and “Hate Me Now”. In 2005 at another 105.1 concert Jay and Nas reunited on stage and performed a song together. (Wikipedia)

Check out Nas & Jay-Z speaking on their past rap beef below:

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