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In this week’s Pulse Report, we’re bringing that a** back seven days to see why Rick Ross will always be “The Boss,” admit The South ain’t f*cking with 50 Cent, find out who Lil Wayne and Drake ain’t f*cking with in hip-hop and oh SOHH much more!

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1. Who’s The Boss?

Yes, I have finally come to a consensus, it took me about three and a half years but now it’s no longer a doubt, Officer Ricky Ross is-the-BOSS. Not kinda, sorta, “maybe,” dude is THE BIGGEST BOSS THAT WE’VE SEEN THUS FAR. Period. There are too many key examples to point out but let’s just go with the whole 5-0 Cent situation. There is “nothing” 5-0 did to Ross that his corrections officer past didn’t already do to him, so please stop fakin’ like any success/failure should be attributed to Fiddy. SMFH…nah doggies. LA Reid gave him the shot, Jay-Z gave him the credibility off that “Hustlin’” remix and dude pretty much b*tch slapped Trick Daddy from the “mayor” post of Florida.

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