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Black Wall Street leader Game has publicly questioned the United States school system and suggested that the government has ulterior motives for making kids attend.

Writing via Twitter, Game looked at both the positives and negatives of the education system.

“After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult ?,” he wrote Monday (January 25). “Cuz I swear I can’t remember half the sh*t in them History books, my writin still sloppy, & I aint seen a microscope since science class ! well, sex education was MOST definitely appreciated !…I think school was a government’s plot to keep track of us & program our lives. up at 7, out at 3pm five days a week. caught in the matrix but as a parent, I just dropped my kids off @ school & ah getta break from em’ .. them 2 dudes is animals ! I get it, school is a babysitter Martin Luther King said: “The reason we in school 13 yrs is because, that’s how long it takes to DESTROY a child’s mind” .#nuffsaid but kids, STAY IN SCHOOL. we all gotta do it……. Aye, but I’m from Compton so maybe it was just our school system that aint really do shit for us. My teachers wore khaki suits n ere’thang.” (Game’s Twitter)

Last summer, Game offered to participate in a New Zealand school contest.

The Game arrives in New Zealand next week for his first ever NZ Tour which kicks off at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre next Wednesday. Earlier in the day the rapper will make an appearance at an Auckland school as part of a Mai FM promotional competition called “The GAME was in MAI CLASS.” The winning class will have the Game speak to them about how he became a successful rapper and movie star, plus he’ll drop a free-style and join them in a class photo too! (Scoop News)

However, the school’s principal Peter Gall later explained his problems with Game’s participation.

“We haven’t given approval. It’s a decision that will be made in line with school policy,” Gall said in an interview. “I understand that this fellow may have a bit of an unsavory background. While I am very pleased and proud that we won the competition, I would doubt that we would take up the offer…There are a few of those stories around but it almost seems like the message is ‘it’s OK to be a bad dude when you’re young because you can turn your life around later’. I would much rather have messages from people who say it’s great to be a good dude all the time. I have nothing against him, but I am very much against what he has done in thepast. It’s not right, it’s unhealthy.” (New Zealand Herald)

Rappers like Lil Wayne and Kanye West have spoken out to promote school in the past.

West is urging students to study hard if they want to attend his performance at the Chicago Theatre- those who demonstrate significant improvements in class attendance and grades will be given free entrance to the show. The community event is the first put on by the organization since Dr. West’s death in November 2007. Initially titled the Kanye West Foundation, the organization was renamed by the rap superstar when his mother passed away following complications after plasticsurgery. (Cinema Blend)