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Last night you guys spoke out loud and clear on whether or not we need to know so much about celebrity sex lives. The convo was hot! Check out some of my facebook and twitter comments from the show. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

Nekeba -We know extremely too much. I don’t care who is doing who. The media is invading their privacy. I stopped feeding into it a long time ago


Keyone – yes!!!! They are humans too, and they deserve the same amount of privacy that we crave!


Cassandra – AGREED! It is not broadcast on national TV when Peanut or June Bug cheats! Its not just celebrities. Unfortunately it’s EVERYWHERE.


Monique – Hell yes! I couldn’t be a celeb. They do not have any personal time. It’s ridiculous! I feel bad for them. I don’t care what they do when they leave the TV, stage or radio! Ppl 4get that they are human too. No one is perfect!


Donnell – Me personally no because I don’t have time to pay attention to someone else’s sex life I’m more focused on mi own lol…however I agree tha celebs gets no privacy because there’s always a camera focused on then limiting tha way they handle their love lives 

Gerani – It comes with the territory. People wouldn’t be informed, if there weren’t people who wanted to know


Gabriel – That’s the price you pay for being a celeb. If you don’t want your business out there they need to pay the sluts they screwing to keep quiet. Me personally could care less about what they are doing or did.


De Andre – Absolutely! The only “JOB” that a celebrity has is to deliver a great performance in their Industry or Profession! A lot of people make celebrities “ROLE MODELS” and that is not a celebrity’s job at all. I want all celebrities current and upcoming, to represent themselves well, just like I want that from my brothas and sistas!

We all have fallen short of expectations at one time or another. The key is to “GET BACK UP” and keep it moving in a positive direction.


Brittsierra – i think it depends who want there business in the media out u don’t hear a lot about the fav couple jayz and beyonce or duane martin tisha campbell

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