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Linktree, the leading link-in-bio solution aimed to assist the creative community and beyond, is celebrating a major milestone. The company is proud to announce that it now can boast over 50 million users that have employed Linktree to house all their online activities and more.

Linktree has long served as a hub for all manner of entertainers and popular figures, including folks like Ice Spice, Selena Gomez, and a bevy of fashion bloggers and celebrity content creators.

The resource is important for content creators as Linktree’s data team compiled a 2023 Creator Report which uncovered only half of the creators on the platform make money from their productions. Just a scant 2 percent of those earning money via the tool posted salaries of more than $50,000 annually while 72 percent earn less than $500.

Along with the announcement of the milestone of reaching 50 million users —which the brand refers to as Linkers — the company is aligning with several notable retail giants such as Lululemon, Adidas, Shopbop, New Balance, Net-A-Porter, and more.

This is all part of a new social commerce program that will give creators greater opportunities to earn more with each sale. Linktree is fresh off testing the program, doing so by partnering with Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and Revolve to reach Gen-Z folks where they are online and in seek of those wares. Those who participated in this initial phase of the program saw a 12 percent uptick in online traffic after setting up their shop link.


Source: Linktree

The Beta portion of the program empowered creators to continue to innovate and find ways to connect with established entities and boost their earning potential while raising brand awareness with the entities as mentioned earlier, along with expert curation of products they use via Linktree Shops. Further, the program stands out via its seamless integration, usability, and combining curated content with user-generated contributions.

“We created the link-in-bio category back in 2016 when we launched Linktree as a simple solution to help creators unify their digital presence and drive their audience to the things that matter most to them,” CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Zaccaria of Linktree offered in a statement.

Zaccaria adds, “It’s astounding to see the scale we’ve reached by being Linker-first — now empowering more than 50 million Linkers with a space that they own, to grow and monetize. Through social commerce, we’re tackling a new challenge to ensure creators are compensated in line with the immense value they’re driving. For brands of all sizes, we’re unlocking a creator marketing engine that we hope will democratize the future of marketing and commerce.”

To learn more about Linktree, click here.

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