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The first legal male prostitute in the country is comparing himself to Rosa Parks saying that he’s “standing up” for his rights much like the civil rights leader did years ago.

Markus is the first man to be hired at Nevada’s first male brothel the “Shady Lady Ranch” and according to him his struggle is no different than Rosa’s.

He tells Details magazine,

“It’s just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back. She was proclaiming her rights as a disadvantaged, African-American older woman. And I’m doing the same. I’m actually standing up now, and hopefully I can be supported by the male community and be understood as a person. This actually isn’t about selling my body. This is about changing social norms.”

Oh and make sure you don’t label him a prostitute. He prefers the term “surrogate lover.”

“If you want to be successful in this type of venture, you’re not a prostitute. You’re a surrogate lover…”

Good news ladies, he also tells Details that he doesn’t discriminate but there is one thing he won’t do…..

“I don’t discriminate based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, or skin tone. Notice I left gender out. That’s for a reason.”

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