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Cardi B Off Set

Source: Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike / Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike

The Cardi B and Offset meal is going….going…and some places, Gone!

According to sources, the celebrity meal combo at McDonald’s has raked in lots of money. But, just because it has brought in some mula, it doesn’t mean that everyone is happy. Some franchisees owners have pushed back saying that the artist music and brand does not match that of the “golden arches” brand. The marketing for the company says that “musical partnerships associated with content that includes offensive language in the lyrics.”

Some store owners have removed marketing and merchandise from their stores. They have even encouraged other owners to make their voices heard and share how the disagree with the celebrity couple’s promotion.

Clearly, someone in the marketing department didn’t do enough research because Cardi and Offset lyrics and lifestyle has been the same. It’s like the Hip Hop stars are good enough to bring in the money but not good enough to be promoted.