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Angry Birds

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Never in all the years of life did we ever think we would hear or see a bird arrested, charged and carrying a backpack full of methamphetamine. Well, a prison union spokesman says, “a pigeon carrying a miniature backpack filled with drugs was captured last week at a B.C. correctional institution.” Now it’s more of a regular thing to look out for drones to fly over and drop off packages while inmates are having rec time. However, during an interview Officer Randle said, “this was the first time in his 13 years as a corrections officer he had heard of a live bird being used.”

Now the question becomes how do you arrest a pigeon? How do you charge a pigeon? Will the pigeon give up it’s source? Just a lot of abnormal questions being asked here.

How would you handle this. Let us know below in the comments section.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/ctvnews/