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Source: Hutchison Funeral Home / Hutchison Funeral Home

It’s 2023 and it’s coming in like a wrecking ball. We’re dealing with crazy weather, deaths, and now New York legalizing composting of human bodies. What?!?!

Since 2019, New York has become the 6th state to the legalizing of human bodies. This “composting” is being considered more environmentally friendly than traditional.

According to the site, “The process happens in special above-ground facilities. A body is put in a closed vessel along with selected materials such as woodchips, alfalfa and straw grass, and gradually breaks down under the action of microbes. After a period of around a month – and a heating process to kill off any contagion – loved ones are given the resulting soil. This can be used in planting flowers, vegetables or trees.”

With this being legalized in New York, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and California, I am sure there will be other states that follow. I do question whether or not how healthy that is for us that are left here. What if the bodies that were decomposed were sick, can that go into the ground and back into the air that we breath and effect us?