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R. Kelly Mugshot

Source: Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Department of Corrections


We’ve had some big shake up and surprises in 2022 but R. Kelly may have just made the top of the list. While behind bars for federal sex crimes R. Kelly just dropped a project called “I Admit It” addressing the many years of allegations. His new 13-song album features tracks with titles like “I Found Love,” “Good Ole Days” and “Freaky Sensation.” However many people are talking about his last 3 tracks, as  it’s a 3-part piece called “I Admit it (I Did It). “

In the 3 part he talks about people turning on him and  admitting to a laundry list of things, “I done f***ed with a couple of fans” and says he even slept with his girlfriend’s friend.

TMZ however reports that this release was not made official through Sony,

A source at Sony Music tells us despite the album’s claim of being a release from Legacy Release is not true, and it appears this is a bootleg version. It’s still unclear how the album was dropped and who was behind putting it out.

Whew check out part 1-3 below,