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Source: Victoria McGraw @victoriasaidit / Radio 1 Digital

It looks like Megan Thee Stallion isn’t the only person Tory Lanez  is facing  legal issues from because now he’s being sued by a couple after he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run collision. A couple one being pregnant woman is accusing Tory Lanez of running into their car and then pulling off!

TMZ reports, 

The rapper is being sued by a couple named Krisha and Jesse Grullon, who claim he sideswiped them with his luxury vehicle in Miami during New Year’s Day 2021 … only to then allegedly flee the scene without even checking on them.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the Grullons allege they exited a highway and stopped at a red light at the end of the off-ramp. Moments later, they claim, Tory came out of nowhere and struck their car from the rear left side with a green Bentley SUV.

Despite the claims Tory’s attorney denied all the claims and says the whole thing is made up. Tory’s attorney per TMZ says,

The alleged incident happened in January, yet tells us the claim wasn’t made to Tory’s insurance until July and believes the couple simply looked up Tory’s license plate to try and nail him to the case. Their initial report they made with cops said the car was silver in color, and then changed it to say it was green in the lawsuit.