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Patti LaBelle - Majic Under The Stars 2018

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Houston

The Godmother of Soul, Patti LaBelle heads to Drink Champs and while still holding poise, dignity and class, Ms Patti unleashes us another side!

The Drink Champ trailer featuring  Ms. Patti LaBelle seems really funs as she gives an inside scoop on different sides of Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross that we never even heard about, including Luther stealing clothes. 

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On Monday (July 25),  the one-minute teaser of the upcoming episode shows the 78-year-old Philly soul singer laughing and bussing jokes. Ms. Patti was such a great guest that Drink Champ hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFN couldn’t even control how much they were laughing.

Ms. Patti says, her son Zuri told her, “Mom they want you to do that show” Patti said “what show?” He said “Drink Champs”. Patti said “Drink Champs?, So what I gotta do — smoke reefer?” Patti continued with saying that she doesn’t smoke reefer, cigarettes or take shots, but she doesn’t want them to stop what they are doing. Auntie Patti in the trailer was truly whos unmatched in how open, down to earth and personable she is.
Ms. Patti might be the Godmother of Soul, but she knows a thing or two about Hip Hop and how it is today. In the teaser trailer, Nore asks Auntie Patti if she’d heard Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP.” She replied, “I heard it. I said, ‘Go girls!” and she laughingly raises her cup to cheers with the guys!“I cleansed myself today on this show. I said a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t care. I said it and I feel good about being here,” she shared.

Typically, when we think of such of these iconic greats, we forget that not only were they once young before, but they are also still alive, thriving, and pay attention to whats going on today. Hearing Patti LaBelle on Drink Champs trailers is like the epitome of when our mothers and grandmothers used to say, “I wasn’t born yesterday”. Trust and believe they know whats up, whats new and who’s who’s.

Patti concludes the second teaser trailer with, “I am not Hip Hop but I am, I am not this, but I am but I am, I am 78 and I am, so I am every woman and I am everything, but to be here, I am honored”Stay tuned for the  full episode coming out this Thursday (July 28) on REVOLT and Saturday (July 30) on YouTube.

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