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Superstar rapper Kanye West’s battle with bipolar disorder has been heavily documented over the past few years, from his openness to address it in music with the 2018 album ye — he gave the project the unofficial title, I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome — to even being honest about going extensive periods without taking medication.

It appears we’ll get a preview of just how manic his episodes can get after early reviews of his upcoming Netflix doc, jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, suggest that some scenes depict the MAGA-supporting emcee being so erratic that producers cut the cameras to stop him from fully ruining his reputation.



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The documentary, spearheaded by Kanye’s longtime friends Clarence Simmons and Chike Ozah of the popular production duo Coodie & Chike, is said to be 280 minutes long and will debut in three parts. However, reports suggest that the final 30 minutes shows the GRAMMY-winning rap veteran having a downward spiral according to AllHipHop. When jeen-yuhs screened during Sundance Film Festival this past Sunday (January 23), early reviews pointed to specific scenes that depict Kanye with slurred speech, erratic dialogue and a fixation on addressing his past 5150 psychiatric hold.

Here’s what one entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast had to say about jeen-yuhs below:

“At various points, the filmmakers even opt to stop filming West as he starts to spiral in order to preserve their friend’s reputation—e.g. a surreal sequence in the Dominican Republic where, during a clandestine meeting with a pair of shady-looking real estate developers, West keeps bringing the conversation back to his 5150 psychiatric hold. They decide to put the camera down after he randomly compares the blowback in the wake of the Taylor Swift incident to being pulled apart by horses. The very next day, West experienced an emotional meltdown during his campaign rally in South Carolina, lashing out against abortion through tears.”

The gloomy reviews don’t stop there. USA Today wrote, “It’s apparent as the film rolls on that Ye’s medications have slowed his speech – his voice sounds deeper and more deliberate,” and Variety summed up the ending as a “long, polarizing plateau.”

Although Kanye publicly stated via Instagram that he wants “final edit and approval” of jeen-yuhs (seen above), it appears he along with the rest of us will be seeing the project as it. However, Simmons seems to believe Ye will ultimately respect the vision overall, telling Variety, “There’s a lot that happens [in jeen-yuhs] both good and bad that he had to come to terms with and it’s going [to] be powerful when he finally sees the films.”

Watch the trailer for jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy below:


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