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Syphilis Cases Are Quickly On The Rise in the U.S


Uh oh! Let’s be mindful that in the midst of a pandemic, syphilis cases are now on the rise! According to ProPublica, there were over 129,800 syphilis cases recorded in 2019. This total is double the number of cases seen in the previous five years. The source also says that congenital syphilis quadrupled during the same time.


Keep in mind that although syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease, congenital syphilis occurs when a pregnant woman passes the infection down to her baby. About 40% of untreated babies with the illness die, with people of color more likely to contract it. The beginning of syphilis symptoms include painless sores at the entry where the disease entered your body, usually through the mouth, anus or private parts.


Syphilis is typically treatable with Penicillin but severe complications can occur if left untreated, including significant damage to the heart, brain,liver, joints and blood vessels.


Be careful out here doing what adults do in the bedroom and keep this in mind friends!


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Syphilis Cases Are Quickly On The Rise in the U.S  was originally published on kysdc.com