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High Angle View Of Pasta With Shrimps Served In Plate

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Cicadas have been the talk all over considering they will soon be covering Maryland! While some people are concerned others are actually excited to grab a free snack right from their backyard. Apparently they aren’t that bad of a thing because its a pretty tasty, according to one Johns Hopkins professor she says they’re a lot like shrimp, she also adds that  she is actually planning to collect and eat cicadas herself, “We’re in the middle of climate change. Insects they’re a great alternative source to other animal source foods.” Anyone interested in trying a cicada she says should pick out the female nymphs, while they are still white and fresh out of the ground, then freeze them in a bag. When ready you can roast them in the oven, put some salt and pepper on there, some Old Bay seasoning on them,” o try them, boil them for two minutes and then cook them to your liking.

Happy eating!

Source: CBS Baltimore