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I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t watch the show live. I found this video as I was scrolling through Megan Thee Stallion headlines during my show today. Happy I did some investigating though because this performance is certainly worth your time.

“Meg” took the stage for HBO Max’s Legendary Ballroom finale. Though we’ve heard the “Savage” record a million times, this is the first time that I’ve heard it like this. The “avenging angel”, as dubbed by the show’s host Dashaun Wesley, remixed the track with rhythms to satisfy your vogue.

I’ve always been interested in how artists are able to bend their songs to make them appeal to different audiences. It’s so dope to see them understand their fans enough to know how to speak the language. Whether it was her or someone on her team, this was a cool rendition of the popular song.

Nice to hear it a differently. Almost feels like instead of being the million and first time hearing it, it’s just the first.

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