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Bay Area rapper The Bobby Effect is on the rise. With her edgy style and bold personality, she’s diving head first into the rap game with lyrics that preach unity and a fashion sense that turns heads. Accurately nicknamed, “The Trill Goddess,” The Bobby Effect says she’s the perfect mix of when spirituality and metaphysics meet the hood, citing Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot and Odd Future as some of her biggest inspirations.

We sat down with the up and coming superstar and talked about her part futuristic-part early 2000s fashion sense, the inspiration behind her quirky music videos, her love for nostalgia and the importance of just being yourself.

Check out our interview with The Bobby Effect below.

HelloBeautiful: How would your “The Trill Goddess” persona has impacted your style? And how would you describe your style?

The Bobby Effect: I like to pull things from different cultures like Bindis and sometimes African prints. As far as my other side, you know, something sexy. I have an obsession with high waist pants and I used to thrift all the time. I have a small waist and kind of a big butt so it’s always a very snatched look when you wear high waist jeans.

HelloBeautiful: Speaking of thrifting and vintage pieces, if you could take a decade and say, “my style would be perfect in this decade”, which decade would you say best represents who you are? Or has that decade not happened yet.

The Bobby Effect: I would say it’s a mix of future and probably early 2000s vibes. Like Y2K. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this Bratz doll aesthetic. Stuff that I used to wear, now I feel like I’m wearing it all over again. I would say like 2000s VMAs; airbrushed stuff, chain belts… all of that. That’s my vibe right now.

HelloBeautiful: Is there any one fashion icon that you really look up, that you admire or that has inspired your unique style?

The Bobby Effect: The main person I would say is Lisa Bonet with all the layers and her jewelry style. Another person is Rihanna as far as her edginess. I love her vibe for sure. I’m actually putting together something right now with all old beats from 90s to 2000s. I’m going to put out a little small mixtape of rapping on other people’s songs–my favorite songs. So that’s next, and then of course I want to do videos for them.

HelloBeatiful: So, the lyrics in Hungry say “I want my friends to eat. But when I’m line at the buffet please don’t jump in front of me,” and I know at first that may come across as just a clever rap line. But, diving deeper into that, it’s more about empowerment and wanting all your friends to succeed. Is that the takeaway that you want your fans to have when they listen to the song?

The Bobby Effect: Yeah, don’t be a hater. Don’t hate on other women, empower them, because there’s enough to go around for everybody. And don’t be salty. Even in one of the verses, I shout out my sister because basically, if someone in my group gets put on, the rest of us are going to play a part in the whole situation. So, that’s really just the message for everybody.

Check out The Bobby Effect, here.


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