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It’s safe to say Disney owns at least 50 percent of our childhood, especially if you’re a millennial who not only grew up with their animated movies but also with their shows on Disney Channel.

Now that the streaming platform Disney+ has launched, many people are returning to the nostalgia. One of the main go-tos for folks have been Disney Channel shows from the 2000s. While people are enjoying the nostalgia, they’re also noticing some telling moments as adults.

For example, there’s a scene in one Lizzie McGuire episode where Lizzie’s younger brother Matt, who’s white, is chilling with his ride-or-die friend Lanny, who’s Black. After hatching a money-making scheme together, they make a toast with what appears to be Kool-Aid or some sort of punch. The mute Lanny takes a sip of the drink and makes all sorts of sour faces and Matt responds with “Oh sorry Lanny, my bad.” Then, Matt puts a bowl-load of sugar in Lanny’s punch.

Many folks noticed this scene and responded with laughter, but it definitely was a “wait, that’s KINDA racist” moment. One Instagram user joked, “I might just boycott Disney+ for this bs.” Another person tweeted, “Holy sh** lmao, Disney has been wildin’ for years and we never noticed.”

There was also a moment in the show That’s So Raven that probably flew right over people’s heads back in the day. In one episode, Raven is trying to stop her boyfriend Devon from moving with his dad, who’s about to get married. To prevent the move, Raven dresses up as the bride of his dad and confesses to him, “I’m in love with your son.” This causes a gasp from the audience. Then Raven, who still has her face covered by a veil, tells the audience, “No, ya don’t understand, I’m only 15.” This sparks another gasp from the audience and someone can be heard saying, “Who is this? R. Kelly?”

Clearly, back in the 2000s people weren’t completely oblivious to the allegations that R. Kelly abused various underaged girls including an illegal marriage with Aaliyah when she was only 15. Social media peeped the moment in That’s So Raven and shouted out the show. “That’s so Raven really was the superior Disney show,” one user tweeted

Certainly there’s more hidden moments to be discovered in the Disney Channel canon. The question remains…

Do you have your Disney+ subscription yet?

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