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We had comedian Michael Rapaport crash Leah’s Lemonade! He got pretty tart with the entertainment news! Last night things between OG and Evelyn came to head when there have been receipts flying everywhere. Chile OG claimed all season that Chad Ochocinco been on her line, including during Evelyn pulled out messages Chad sent her. The fight then escalated to OG said Chad wants to be with a black woman. She also told OG said Evelyn that she thinks she’s black. Evelyn then said in a green screen, that she is Afro-Latina and proud

…anyways chile, I don’t get why they are arguing over a man that neither of them are with him. Fans are going crazy and either siding with OG and Cece Gutierrez or Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada. The reunion is next week, so we will stay tuned.

Yesterday we told you that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are taking a break in their relationship…Now folks are blaming a woman on social media named “Young Sweet Ro” let me say Travis has a type. She fits the Kylie profile. Now social media says the young lady’s page has receipts that she’s been with Travis. From vacations, to captions with a watch saying, “tell your baby daddy I said thanks.” She has been throwing shots at Kylie on social before. Apparently, she been messing with him since 2013…yikes…Meanwhile, Kylie was seen at the studio at 2 AM this morning with Tyga allegedly. She hopped on social media and said she just dropped off two friends but, Tyga put a cap emoji on his Instagram story.

Kylie tweeted it’s a lie and that her and Travis are on good terms, she was dropping two friends at the studio coincidentally. Kylie girl we hope you are moving forward and not backwards.

Speaking of broken relationships. Wendy Williams got cheated on and must pay the big bucks to get a house, new court documents say Wendy must give him $250,000 for a new living situation, even though he bought a house for his mistress and the new baby…marriage is looking more and more unattractive.

Cardi is giving us a look into her next album she’s throwing around album names and this is more different than Invasion of Privacy. Drum roll please! It is Tiger Woods. Reason being because Tiger Woods won that tournament, despite being publicly slandered, doubted by many, he came up on time. She feels that’s enough reason to name it Tiger Woods. Welp I hope the content is better than the name. We need some new hits from Bardi!

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