In Real Life Salute: The Jasmine Brand [@JasmineBrand_]


The Jasmine Brand co-owner, Jasmine Brand, popped up to pay us a visit and we were nothing but thrilled to have her. We had a chance to discuss when and why she started this media machine, how it’s impacted her and drops some tips of the day for those are tuned in.


Kanye West once said, “you know what the Midwest is!? Young and restless,” and the lyrics have truth to it because Jasmine Brand embodies that saying.  TheJasmineBrand is founded by owner and editor, Jasmine Brand. Jasmine Brand has always been a big fan of getting into celebrity tea. She attended Morgan state University in which she received her Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications. She then went into working for corporate for a while, in which she felt the need to gossip and gist about your favorite celebrities.  However, when her company found out about her site and the success it had been gaining, they felt it would be a conflict of not only interest/power. So they gave her the ultimatum and she expressed to us that it was the most conflicting decision of her life. Luckily enough, all the dots connected in her life and her hobby turned into her full-time job, opened amazing doors!  The tips she left us with were the following:

  • Make it stand out
  • Put in the work
  • Try to stay clean in messy business

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