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Bernice Jenkins is back and she’s got your Church Announcements! Bernice asked Headkrack to put his new album on a tape for her and he’s trying to figure out how he should do that. The church is happy to announce that free paternity test will be taking place after choir rehearsal.

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You are allowed to bring as many men as you want and the deacon will swab their mouths. We are asking everyone to pray for Sister Angela who’s baby is 9 months old and eating real food. Jaquavias is 70 pounds and every morning eats candied yams, cereal and drinks a bottle full of black coffee.

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Bernice also spoke about cross-eyed members sitting in the front of the church. Pastor is asking they all don’t sit in the front row because when he goes to read and looks up gets confused. Lastly a $25 reward will be given to anyone that lists the people that laughed at the pastors mom. Her electric wheelchair went crazy during tithe and offering and it was hard to stop.

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