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Newly minted Toronto Raptor Kawhi Leonard was never known for being outspoken. As a matter of fact, his reputation has always been the opposite: the small forward is known for his stoic, serious approach to the NBA and presumably, life.

But according to Kawhi, he’s a fun guy. And it looks like we’re just gonna have to take his word for it.

Yesterday was the first day of NBA training camp, which meant Kawhi and his fellow ballers had to speak to the pool of press people who were eager to ask questions and try to get some headlines out of the bunch.

The Raptor made his attempt at opening up and acting more like himself in an answer to one inquiry, and now, he’ll never hear the end of it.

You just have to see the video for yourself.

There you have it, a nervous laugh that sounds strangely like someone who has literally never laughed before–which quite honestly, could be the case for Kawhi.

So many questions…is that his real laugh? Like, all the time? Was he just a littler nervous so it came out wrong? Is he a malfunctioning robot? How can we arrange another time to hear Kawhi laugh one more time to find out if this is a fluke or not?

The internet is known for being cruel, but honestly, is there anything better than a laugh that makes everyone else laugh? I mean, he’s a fun guy! He’ll understand.

People will not stop making fun of Kawhi Leonard’s robotic laugh, and once you check out all of the best tweets from the now-infamous Toronto Raptors media day footage, you’ll be just as enthralled.

People. are. relentless.

Imagining Mero’s laugh after hearing Kawhi’s laugh makes this all 1,000 times funnier

In all fairness, not being human isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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