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Johnny | John Whoriskey Jr.

Source: Tommy Whalen

Brooklyn based R&B/Pop artist Johnny (John Whoriskey Jr.) is onto something as he releases the visual for his self-produced single “SUPR ME.”

Trolling the internet’s latest trend of viral dance challenges, Johnny shows off his moves while waiting in line at the Supreme store in NYC. It’s a quite literal take on the message in his song, which urges people to forget this notion that you have to wait your turn to live the life you dream of. Johnny implores us all to instead get out there and chase our dreams. He sings on the hook, “I got a dream, said I want to be king/They say ‘You wanna be supreme, well’…They said ‘wait in line.’”

During a 2015 interview with AXS, the rising star mentioned that he started honing his craft pretty early on: “I really started playing music in the school band when I was maybe nine or ten years old. It’s always been a big part of my life. Growing up it was mostly in a casual sense. My friends and I eventually started playing music together and recording completely ridiculous and ignorant rap that meant little to us at the time. We also shot a lot of stupid videos that gradually became more serious. So I decided to go to film school. I stopped playing music for a while. It wasn’t until I was a year out of college and knee deep in the film business that I really felt confident that I wanted to give this part of my life a go. I started recording my first mixtape in 2011.”

He also spoke to the the digital marketing platform about his songwriting process, saying “I find that every time I try to just sit down and write, I don’t write a whole lot. I can’t. It’s actually a little strange. When a real idea explodes in my brain, like something I actually care about – it could be one or 2 words, or an image or a feeling – I write it down. Sometimes the words flow right away. Sometimes that idea sits for days, weeks, months before I’m actually able to do anything with it. There’s songs I’ve written [the core of] in like 2 hours. There’s songs I’ve written over the course of 6 months to a year from conception to fruition. I guess sometimes I need to live and experience more life before I can [comfortably] complete my thoughts.”

Watch the lighthearted clip up top for your daily dose of inspiration and let us know what you think about his latest offering.

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