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Source: Aliya Faust / Radio One

The body needs the proper supplements for health reasons. Magnesium is needed for complete body function and cell health. They say about 90% of people are Magnesium Deficient and need to watch for signs like drinking a lot of sugary drinks like sodas. www.wellnessmama.com

You Might Be Magnesium Deficient If…

Risk factors for low magnesium vary, but here are some clues that you might need more magnesium:

  1. You’re a sugar addict. (Quick, read this!…)
  2. You take calcium supplements.
  3. You drink soda and other sugary drinks.
  4. You suspect or have been diagnosed with celiac disease or other digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease.
  5. You consume a lot of processed foods and conventional dairy.
  6. You have a water softener or city water.
  7. You have Type 2 diabetes.
  8. You avoid green vegetables, leafy greens, and other magnesium-containing foods.
  9. You are an older adult, and/or take certain prescription medications.
  10. You eat food grown in depleted soils. (Uh, pretty much everyone!)

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