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Kellogg's Earnings Beats Expectations

Source: Tim Boyle / Getty

So, Kellogg’s recently announced that they’d be pulling Honey Smacks Cereal off the shelves after 73 people in the U.S. have been hospitalized with Salmonella poisoning.


We know what you’re thinking: Who the hell still eats Honey Smacks these days?

No judgement— but out of all the delicious cereal’s in the world, what adult spends their coin on foods that resemble sugar covered roaches?


If you’re over 20, buying Honey Smacks in 2018:

You probably still have an illegible, meaningless, Facebook name, like: “Sierra GettingMoneyWithYaMansAllDay Wilson”.


You probably still think putting batteries in the refrigerator recharges them.


You probably still smoke cigarettes, but stopped eating pork.


You probably still buy clothes for a party and return them to the store the next day.


You probably still get into physical altercations because someone stepped on your sneakers.


You probably still have a Nextel “chirp, chirp” phone.


You probably still take your own liquor to the bar.


You probably still have bootleg cable.


You probably still have an MP3 player:


You’re probably still scared to use the phone during a storm.


You probably still wear Chinese slippers.



You probably still reuse old Chicken grease to make Fish.


How many of your friends are still out here eating Honey Smacks? Or are you a Honey Smacks lover and didn’t even know it?


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Throw The Whole Box AWAY: 12 Things You Probably Still Do If You STILL Eat Honey Smacks  was originally published on globalgrind.com