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Food stamps and junk food

Source: Portland Press Herald / Getty

The Trump administration is pushing a proposal to replace half of the federal food stamp program with boxes of food. These boxes would be delivered to recipients front doors.

This could mean the U.S. government would be directly in control of what goes on the dinner plates of more than 16 million low-income households.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Yes, Trump wants to make cuts to food stamps. What are your thoughts? (IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore)

Pless Jones He is only doing this because he knows his base believes the narrative that it would disproportionately hurt black folks.

Toiya Best The ones that will be mad will be his supporters.

imjustmebobby He’s about to hurt his supporters..but 70% of his support came from poor whites an everyone knows it’s more White’s receiving snap then any other race

hardheadedass_aries1 “They” want poor ppl dead!!!

sleek410 My thoughts are I am not siding with the man, however every black person on here knows someone (white or black) who abuses the SNAP system. There are families who have made generations and generations of people rely on this system. It is a temporary system not something to live off of. During the Recession, my mother and I relied on SNAP, however we didn’t MAKE it our monthly meal expense for the rest of our lives. We used when it was necessary until we educated ourselves on how to get off of it (found a better job, enrolled in trade school, enrolled in college, created a small business). The boxed food thing is bad, however again every black person on here knows one thing about majority of our culture, we don’t react until sh** hits the fan.

tremar95 It’s truthfully another way for the government to make us sick. Mysteriously #45 gets in office and we having this flu outbreak that’s killing people including kids. This is just an easier way for them to do the same with this “non perishable “

parris_monroe Trump should go to hell first…I do not agree with the idea because this is taking away benefits from millions of people.

mayyaluv People gonna be starving but the people that’s gonna hurt the worse are the ones that voted for him

justbeachy823 Gone is “rich and poor.” Welcome to the world of “have and have-nots.”

gizmo7542 Why do you have to be labeled poor if you receive food stamps??? The person may have lost their job and need to feed their family now about these food boxes🤔🤔🤔 he has lost his damn mind smh.

9erbam Who’s gonna be in charge of boxing for families with food allergies.

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