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City Says Speed and Red Light Camera Fines are Down

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore City activates an additional 15 speed cameras plus 21 red light cameras, violators face fines between $40-$75. The additions will more than double the number of locations where cameras issue violations on Baltimore streets. This is the city’s third try at running a speed camera system.

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Patty Pbj Johnson This is just a money-maker for the city. People looking for the big noticeable cameras when they got these small ones on the median with the flash so bright will blind u for a second if you are on the other side of the road…accident city

Shawn Speights It’s a money grab for the city. Anyone representing the city will claim it’s for safety’s sake.

Tanisha Perry Dre Johnson, It Ain’t A Question of If We Agree/Disagree It’s About If Ur Not Slowing Down When U See Those Cameras or Running Red Lights The State of MD Is Saying We Deserve To Get A Ticket In The Mail…I Believe The Traffic App “Waze” Let’s U Know When Police Is Near & When Ur Close To Traffic Lights!!

chargedup_on8s Gm bro they chasing money as usual i wonder where the money that’s made going to go to cause they always lie about that too just like the money from the casino was supposed to go to schools

christophergatling_bigc I don’t trust it. Especially since there have been accuracy issues with those cameras in the past. I noticed one-off Goucher Blvd too

j9_rn_  I’m just glad I rarely drive in the city.

damm_mali. Police run them lights too so I hope they catch us all. If not I’m Rey start reporting them if it ain’t coming out they checks

dragonflyest_aj Got me twice in a week. I’m gonna avoid driving by schools as much as possible

pretti_piggy They can fins way better things 2 do then Damn Speed N Red light Cameras…4 instinct Firearm Detectors Umm Or Recs For the Youth Umm Or Better Education i can go On N On

kd619 They worried about speed cameras and red light cameras, they need to worry about all the killings in our city.

_kell_belle Another way to rob us, how bout fix these ragged streets and sidewalks


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