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HBO Celebrates New Season Of 'Insecure' With Block Party In Inglewood

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Insecure is back for the second time. YAS! Let’s dive right in. Issa is back on the dating scene, missing Lawrence, of course. The episode opens with funny montage of all her wack Tinder dates, months after the breakup, where she’s zoning out, completely preoccupied with getting Lawrence back. Lawrence, on the other hand, is not interested in seeing Issa and he’s still getting it in with Tasha, the bank teller (they have the kind of sex where Tasha calls Lawrence zaddy). Actually, he’s bouncing around between Tasha’s house on the weekends, and staying with his boy on an air mattress. There’s a moment that Lawrence’s boy points out that all he does is slang d in Tasha’s direction (which she gladly catches), and never really takes her out on dates, which actually makes Lawrence think. Hold that thought.  

Molly is a lot more low key this season. She’s not acting like a thirst bucket and lets finding love take a backseat. In the meantime, she’s all about her career and things get frustrating quickly when she finds out that she’s making less money than a coworker at the same level but who is mediocre at best and a jerk. You guessed it, it’s a white male colleague. 


Eventually, Lawrence is forced to come to her place to pick up a jury duty summons.

Issa plans a plus one party at her place with Molly, for the same night that Lawrence agreed to come get his ish. A plus one party is where each friend brings a single friend to the house. This is the same night that Lawrence agreed to stop by Issa’s to get his ish. Issa’s plan is for Lawrence to see her having a good time and flourishing and hopefully want her back. Unfortunately for Issa, Lawrence blows her off and takes Tasha on a date instead and it seems like they’re having a good time–a really good time, not naked, for once. 


The party goes well until Issa’s blood neighbor shows up with his friends and some weed. Things get out of control, especially when some genius threw their blunt or cigarette in the kitchen trash it catches fire. Is this a metaphor for Issa’s life right now?



Lawrence catches Issa off guard by showing up unannounced, the next night, for his mail. She hands him his mail and the tension is thick af. Their exchange is as awkward as you’ve probably predicted, but then he grabs her and they have frustrated yet passionate sex on the couch, without a condom, and then he kisses her on the cheek before he leaves abruptly, further complicating everything. 

Hopefully there won’t be any pregnancy or STD scares in the near-future.


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