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In season one’s finale perfectly titled “Broken As F**k”, Issa was on a mission to repair the two relationships she cherished the most. Issa and her bestfriend Molly were at adds over Issa’s comments about her tragic love life. Lawrence did what Issa couldn’t do all season and ended the relationship due to Issa cheating  aka “scratching an itch” with Daniel.

Issa managed to make things right with Molly while bonding during a car ride to take her back to her apartment to speak with Lawrence in hopes of making things right. Issa’s eagerness to get home was fueled from a telephone conversation with Lawrence in which he made it seem like he was willing to work things out with her. We see a smiling Lawrence return back to the apartment with Issa following behind him. Issa walks in and sees his keys on the counter which a brings a smile of relief which will be very brief. We quickly learn that Lawrence only returned to pack up his belongings,the keys and his and Best Buy shirt from the job Issa made him take were left behind.

With her heartbroken into a million pieces, Issa heads out to the “bouch” and is joined by Molly and the tears just start flowing. Lawrence is on the other side of town going to work on Tasha giving her the most intense back-shots in HBO original programming history and that’s how season one closes.

Season 2 will be a learning experience for Issa as she tackles with her unwanted but new-found freedom and of course. She wont be alone on this journey into world of dating as she will have Molly right by her side. Issa will be in her “hoe phase” and out testing the waters as she looks to try to somehow get over Lawrence. It will prove to be very difficult to move on so easily cause she still wants him back. We think Daniel will give her temporary relief when it comes to companionship but she won’t be able to get over those old Lawrence feelings.

Season 2 will just be a rollercoaster of emotions as these two tussle with feelings and wondering if they are thinking about each other. In the end we think we will be seeing Issa and Lawrence back together again cause honestly these two just need each other.

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