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Imposing architecture of the Baltimore City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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The Baltimore City Council presented a bill at Monday’s meeting that would legalize stun gun possession by city residents.

The bill is in response to a federal court ruling that suggests 2nd Amendment rights extend to stun guns use. Residents in Baltimore, Baltimore County and Howard County filed a federal lawsuit in January challenging local bans.

Howard County lifted its ban in February followed by Baltimore County who recently already voted to repeal its ban on stun guns.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The Mayor & City Council is moving forward to make the possession of stun guns legal in Baltimore. Do you support this move?

inthenikoftime23_ We need to discuss CCW permits.

dptheemcee@inthenikoftime23_  my sentiments exactly.

1sickcharger Not sure whats thats gone do against REAL GUNS they need to make it legal to carry…. Gm tho bro this city so full of 💩 ” Always changing something that never changes nothing ” 💯

blacklivesmatter_scorpion I totally agree and would love to have one if it becomes legal. Yep!

harrybarry820@inthenikoftime23_  thank you!!!! Coming from some body that carries a gun everyday…. ccw in Md is definitely needed… being able to carry a stun gun would be cool for females who may not want to carry a gun… but a stun gun won’t help u if somebody pulls a gun on you

worldwidechase Yes I support legalizing stun guns with the way that our children are being snatched off the streets and the police doing nothing about it we need some type of protection and if anyone is looking to buy a stun gun I sell them DM me they start at $20 and up

wusouth How come they keep using violence . Train them to use health tatics sometimes before disabling and taking down. That one quick second of more danger could cost them life.

parris_monroe Yes…I would rather stun gun than and regular gun….but also some people may or may not have heart conditions so will the stun gun play a factor in death for those people.

nettaboo43 Absolutely not!

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