Carmelo And La La Anthony For Carmelo’s 30th Birthday!! [PICS]
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Last night there were reports that NBA baller Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa Anthony have split. There wasn’t much more detail then that but this morning it is now being reported that Melo got a stripper’s eggo preggo smh. BRUHHHHH! Seriously I don’t get how men don’t understand their women’s worth and more then that I don’t understand how strapping up isn’t in their vocabulary!!! Now of course I don’t know what really went down but sources say the two have been going through a rocky patch lately but whatever the case THEY ARE STILL MARRIED! I really hope this story is “Fake News”…

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TMZ reports,

The other woman often works at a gentlemen’s club in NYC, and we’re told she’s claiming to be 6 and a half months pregnant with Melo’s child.

We’re also told she has made it clear to Melo she expects him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby related costs.


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