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Source: JEFF HAYNES / Getty

Baltimore Police arrested 26-year-old Carl Trusty on numerous rape charges for having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student. The investigation was started by Baltimore PD after the 13-year-old female said she was raped by a coach at her school. The incident happened Collington Square Elementary/Middle School.

Baltimore City Public Schools says Trusty served in a “support capacity” at the school as an employee of NewFit Kids, a third-party contractor.

“Now let’s understand a consensual relationship is not something a 13-year-old girl can offer. A 13-year-old girl cannot consent to a sexual relationship with an adult that’s a crime,” said T.J. Smith, Baltimore police spokesman.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. A 26-year-old male coach & hall monitor at Collington Square in E. Baltimore was charged with raping a 13-year-old female student, who said the relationship was consensual. What are your thoughts? via: ig & twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore



mommy__of_the_year I’m sad to say, my daughter goes there, terrible how the world is today @drejohnson1

that_girl_tiaundra These lil girls need guidance and discipline smh and he’s grown he should have known better he deserve every bit of time he gets

jpslater1983 I swear yo he wouldn’t even made it to jail if that was my child 💯 smh gm tho homie

urbaninformer Consensual?!?! She’s 13 and he’s an adult. FOH with that. He’s sick and deserves whatever comes to him.

dj_s5_ @drejohnson1  More than likely he’s done this b4 & no matter what she says he should have known that was a bad idea. Can’t blame the 13yr old she’s young & was being hot in her pants he was the adult in the situation.

winterzgirl These young women need guidance to help prevent them from seeking the wrong type of attention and these nasty ass grown men need to be held fully accountable!

ni_neenee_sha Yesterday If I heard correctly on the news they said a school police officer had already filed a report on this guy & the kid before so why wasn’t anything done the first time they knew they were having an inappropriate relationship or behavior.

living_n_luvin_life Folks better check the legal age of consent, 13 year olds can’t consent. It’s 16 years of age with only a 4 year age disparity not 13, so that ninja needs to go straight to jail. #dontpassgodontcollect200dollars

blacklivesmatter_scorpion This is unacceptable Smh! A child can not consent to intimacy she is a minor. He should be put right on that sex offender list.

parris_monroe I don’t understand….how can a man have a sexual relationship with an 13 year old….SMH…

successful_tony I knew him we went to school together i lost all respect for that dude smh

jaymoneyhackett Absolutely unacceptable Dre. Coming from someone who works in a school this ain’t cool at all. Parents are suppose to feel like their children are safe at school. This doesn’t help at all. Terrible choice made by this man. @drejohnson1

coach_smith6 Yo sick Dre

antoniooneal I got a 9 yr old daughter..they would never find him if this was my child

teasebyladawn I HATE any conversation that says that girls are too grown or we need to calm our girls down a bit. Do you realize that this is a child and no matter how “grown” that child may be an adult … moreover an adult with an educational responsibility over that child “chose” … was not seduced or enticed … to have sex with a child? This child’s behavior, appearance or carriage does not even enter the conversation. A man chose to have sex with a child while working in a school and should get every penalty associated with child rape and rape of a child under your guidance … period.