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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What the worst zodiac sign you’ve ever dated?



Leslie Alston To be honest, Men tell me my sign, SCORPIO is the worst because we have bad tempers and hold grudges forever, but we are very loyal and the sex is off the chain. Have a blessed day!

Toiya Best I must be a magnet for Taurus men, since I’m a Taurus myself, but I had one Taurus man that I could just have just beat the hell out of him!!!

_lickmypink_ I’m a Leo and the only bad thing about a Leo is that once we r mad it’s all over. Nothing can calm us down so the only advice I have is b nice to us ♌ and we’ll b nice to u 🤗

righteous_nik Gemini man

mickmickisback I can’t say that they’re the worst but I seem to have a thing for Leo men…I’ve dated at least 3 born on August 9th….lol, djm @drejohnson1

tcontheair I’m an Aquarius myself, we are all about love and intellectual stimulation but I’d have to say worst sign I’ve ever dated hands down was a Gemini and their twisted double personality traits smh

last_of_the_mohicans__ Cancer…he was straight from the depths of East hell😈😈😈🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂

antoniooneal Gemini… They love the sh*t out of you but the change in moods is insane..im an aries i have another side but you gotta do something for the other side to come out..gemini will be upset over smallest shit

ms__tia83  Mannnnnnnn I tell u, them Taurus (complain, noisy) and them Capricorn(liars), oh yeah them LIBRASSSS just straight unbalanced like there sign!!!!! Can even deal @drejohnson1

chloe_babes_ Sagittarius!!!!!!!!

londynn_bridge Scorpio and Virgos and for whatever reason that’s all I attract and they do nothing but stress my life.

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 a Capricorn. They think they know everything & never can admit when they’re wrong. I will never I repeat never date one again! Have an awesome day.

lynnwashington Capricorn!!!

1stbornson @drejohnson1 #cancer because they will lie and then they will always have a reason & excuse for why they did what they did, even if they were wrong. cancers feel like they always right. 😲


butterfly_tasha I’m a scorpio and I will “never ever ever ever” in my Chris Tucker voice, date a GEMINI again

iamdjbunk I don’t but people say I’m the worst sign, I’m a Leo, but oh well #leogang gm @drejohnson1

justme_tonyehTaurus ♉ never ever in my life will I date another one.. GEMINI which I am are truly not compatible with them crazy you know whats

blacklivesmatter_scorpion One more lol! a #Cancer they are boring, lazy and bad, bad boring sex. Ijs!

whthershey209 Scorpio. Great sex. Horrible boyfriend

lady_inkedup_taurus__ VIRGO 😠

_erkballchino_ Pisces Pisces Pisces

cj_solo_64 Sagittarius. The sweetest psychos you ever meet

nubian_queen63 Leo

never_question_my_strength Aries

cherokee_blossom Cancer

gasmanfamous CAPRICORN❗️❗️❗️She was 12yrs older than me, SHE STOLE FROM ME &MY SON, THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER, BUT I LEARNED A LOT FROM IT❗️❗️❗️

ms585ny Pisces, I’m a Leo. Pisces are too emotional. I can’t deal with a gun-toting cry baby. Those two signs don’t mix.

the1nonly684 Aquarius…childish, emotional babies

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