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Fake Gun, Semi Automatic Submachine Gun

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

A ban on fake/replica guns in Baltimore is close to becoming law. What are your thoughts?

Rashawn Thompson I think its long overdue

Charles Smith F**k the replicas…..what are they gonna do about the ones with real bullets falling into the wrong hands…I agree with the ban….but there’s certainly far more things like weed and crack pipes sold in corner stores in the hood

Patricia Travelsalone Johnson Should have been longtime ago

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 That ban should have been in effect a long time ago. Why wait?

landonsnonny They need a ban on real guns

nonchalant_clint33 That’s cool I mean what else they good for besides getting shot by a real one

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Gd morning, and It’s a great! Idea maybe this will prevent our kid’s from being accidentally shot or killed. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

quikthegod You’re banning FAKE guns but REAL guns are ok? Oh ok! FOH!

quikthegod I’m tripping off all the people talking bout it’ll keep it out of their kids hands… how about you be a f’n parent and keep it out of their hands!! Stop letting the state and society raise your f’n children!!! 😡😡😡😡

kelleigurl Be a parent! No means no!!! Guns are not toys!! Why do we need the government to say no for us?

taytaylabomb I think it’s an excuse for the future killings!!! If the fake ones are banned – then EVERY gun (or what a police think is a gun) will justify their brutality and murders. Please keep your eyes open people!!!! But I believe no child should play with fake or real guns, as a parent it was band in my home. Little minds don’t know the difference. Teach your children to think outside the box and realize the bulls**t that’s being handed to them wrapped in a pretty bow.

konandagreat Y not if it’s causing a lot of our young African-Americans to lose their lives

mindblowingneka Good morning! It’s a great idea to ban fake gun especially considering black lives are the target. Also, this won’t influence young kids to grow up thinking shot first instead of fighting to defend themselves.

i2bm Anything to improve the lives of our community I’m all for, I thinks it’s crazy it’s gotten to this point though

sedrick.pga Well considering Maryland is one of the most restricted states on open carry and concealed rights for real guns, it’s no question on why they will be banning fake ones.

urbaninformer I’m for it!

_boogie An amazing idea 💡 I stand behind the idea 1000%

_her_sincerely A ban on fake/replica police officers should come first…

beautybeyondyourhair It’s a good idea, but what are the consequences? We must not be so quick to agree with everything. These laws are designed to in many ways set us back. Most the of offenders who get the harshest punishment for crimes are out people.

hairjunkieq I think it’s a good idea and theory…but what will the ban include and how will it be enforced?? A ban on fake guns being sold or purchased? And What will happen to the children that already have fake guns? Does that give way to police further harassing young black kids??

hairjunkieq *in theory


westside_mek Im all for it. It’s crazy how many young black boys get caught stealing bb guns from my job and when asked y they don’t have an answer. You ask them if they watch the news and they reply well that aint me that’s them UGH smh they don’t have a clue man.


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