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Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets

Source: Michael Reaves / Getty

What are thoughts on the #Ravens losing to the #Jets 16-24? What grade would you give the home team?

Ryan Wilbur Jenkins Randolph Dre, the defense needs to get better with pass rush, and the offensive line…… Not to mention Flacco need to get motivated

David Aeolus Smith D+

JaRel Turner Yup! D+

Toiya Best Dre Johnson they get a F!! It’s Time for Harbaugh to get packing and Joe can go with him!!! The inconsistency of Flacco blows me!!! He’s consistent with making babies, be consistent on that darn field!!!! Gm DRE, I sure missed the Breakfast Bite Questions!!!

Scheronda Gilliam I still love my Ravens and Yes we have to get it together.

Tina Blum E

domolakersteelersfan They gon get spanked by my Steelers #Sorry😨😂

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 it’s been a bad Day for me, Glen died on the walking dead and my Ravens get a F for the way they played, time to set Flacco

christophergatling_bigc Im still tight on how they did ray rice…but the way we are playing is just bad. Its like they’re not sure of themselves out there. Flacco is not a scrambler so we need a line that will give him time to throw

thenicshow They need to get their lives together!

octomom81 They definitely get a big F! Ravens get it together!

iamwebbie They needa get it together bring them rookies off the bench 💯

really1tay Ravens, still my team but 👎🏽

jpslater1983 F

kangoncole @drejohnson1 i love my team flat-out but they need to pull it together we have a bye then the Steelers… So they need to unite before then

blacklivesmatter_scorpion They need that bye week to regroup Ugh! 😡

spcytuna Hot coffee straight black no sugar

mrz__unknown Hot coffee and 92q

janellegold28 I eat breakfast. Oat meal with protein powder no sugar need add a little fruit.

delynn67 Coffee and 92Q

sheasheas_sheashea Music, music, and more music. 😁

og_mac73 After I smack the alarm clock about 3 times I need my coffee @drejohnson1

candykane691 Checking with 92Q before work.

mindblowingneka Shower eat & go

imreality89 A big asssssss fart 😂😂😂😂

brysonknoel I have to listen to music. It’s ALMOST a requirement.

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