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Young black African American couple sitting by glass table and trying to work through pile of bills, frustrated by amount of expenses during economic crises recession times hoping for stimulus plan to work or expecting bailout money

Source: Lev Olkha / Getty

Do you think it affects a relationship, if you or your partner makes a significant amount more money than the other?

whthershey209 It shouldn’t however some people get a lil cocky and arrogant when they feel like they carrying more of the financial aspect of the relationship. Sometimes they act like u need them to pay the bills

blacklivesmatter_scorpion O.M.G! I had to get up to answer this and this is why most female’s/Male’s are single now and will stay that way. Keep banking on # ‘s In a relationship. Long as everything paid I’m good. We work together. Sad generation here. Smh!

irock20pearlz People get intimidated for unknown reasons🤔

danasha_2u Noooooo. Only “of the world” materialistic needy ppl will feel that way. As long as you’re working just like I am then I’m okay with that.

crazyasmelanie I feel like this the bills have to get play anyway care who make the most as long as it 50/50 okay

lovebrinot It gets in the way Only if you let it, but the thing is; people always figure a relationship is 50/50 but it’s really a compromise and it’s not always going to be 50/50 because everyone has something different that they bring to the table

ohso_amazingly_beautiful It shouldn’t matter as long as two ppl putting that work in that’s all that matter

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